What’s New in WhenImClose for Blackberry 10

WhenImClose For BlackBerry 10 flows into BlackBerry’s UI guideline to deliver the best WhenImClose experience to date. With this third version of the app, WhenImClose is packed with a while set of new features so time is never a reason a forget…

Multiple Reminders - For a better experience, WhenImClose now offers you the ability to store as much reminders as needed. Instead of having to pick only one reminder at a time, you can now create as much reminders with their different reminder places. Don’t worry about deleting reminders either, you can keep a reminder stored for later by simply “stopping” it. You can “run” the reminder again at any point you like, as you’ll find it in the “Stopped” panel.

Map - The most requested feature is finally here, the integration of Google Maps. You no longer have to hunt down long coordinates, or go to your reminder place to be able to save it. You can easily press a point on the map and quickly set it as your reminder location. Please note that for this to work your BlackBerry 10 device needs to be connected to the internet.

Reminder Time - So you pass by the supermarket multiple times a day but you only want to be reminded in the afternoon? No problem! WhenImClose got you covered now with the ability to specify Check Intervals. You can set the reminder to be running but only during a specific time & date interval.

Active Frame -  When WhenImClose is running as an Active Frame it will keep you updated with the closet reminder at your current position or if a reminder has been fired. An additional plus to never forget!

BlackBerry 10 compliant UI - WhenImClose for BlackBerry 10 follows BlackBerry 10′s UI guildines for a uniform experience. Once you get over the learning curve for BlackBerry 10 you’ll be using WhenImClose like a pro.

A lot of these features were requested by YOU! So keep the feedback coming and the features will flow as well. Email your feedback to support@whenimclose.com.

Head out to the WhenImClose for BlackBerry 10 section to know more about the features.

Download WhenImClose for BlackBerry 10 from BlackBerry World for $0.99.

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